A University of Alberta-based interdisciplinary, international initiative between scholars, policymakers, service providers and communities that seeks to build capacity for research and scholarly output, graduate training and community engagement related to Africans globally.

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Moving into New Frontiers

The Pan African Collaboration for Excellence Celebrates Black History Month, February 2021. In collaboration with Harriet Tubman Centre and Centre for Feminist Research, York University.

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Rebuilding Life in a New Homeland

Rebuilding Life in a New Homeland

Research findings that enhance immigrants’ and refugees’ (henceforth “immigrants”) adaptation to Canadian life are crucial, as Canada relies on newcomers for population growth, labour supply, and cultural diversity. Successful adaptation is important to newcomers who, in turn, see this country as a haven where they can find economic opportunities.

Resilience of Culture in a New Homeland

Resilience of Culture in a New Homeland

Resilience is the ability to keep going in the face of serious challenges. Come and celebrate the talents of our youth as they showcase expressions of resilience, using ‘traditional’ head gears and hairstyles.